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"The main goal is to bring talents together and break disciplinary borders" - The founders


mr.lkm is a self-taught artist from Lausanne. His passion for design and drawing comes from the numerous comics he read during his childhood. Little by little, he decided to pursue his studies in art. By becoming interested in its history, mr.lkm discovered artists and movements that inspired him for his own works. With a background in graphic design and visual communication, he offers figurative and abstract drawings in order to give a free-to-interpret image.

mr.lkm has participated in various projects, two of which are important to him. He had the opportunity to create different visuals on concrete seats in the Flon district of Lausanne for the Lozart association. His second project for an art gallery in Nyon was to compose a logo with complete freedom to do what he wanted. It is now displayed in the window of this gallery.

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Fablato Design

After completing a professional artistic baccalaureate and a bachelor's degree in illustration at EPAC (Ecole professionnelle des Arts Comtemporains), fablato decided to continue his studies to obtain a degree in industrial design at IED ("Istituto Europeo di Design") in Milan. He then gained experience in graphic design studios and the fashion industry as a 3D artist.

He draws inspiration from painting, illustration, and design. Artists such as Pablo Picasso, Bruno Munari, and Vassily Kandinsky are among his favourites. In the current context, he appreciates the work of artist Takashi Murakami and his manga-infused world, tattoo artist Mo Ganji and his love of simple lines, and designer Philippe Starck and his ethical and humanist vision.

From the combination of his artistic inspirations from painting, illustration, and design, he creates art based on minimal illustration by creating simple images with a strong impact. Facelato are therefore, born from this unexpected marriage. Fablato's desire to transmit an emotion drives him to create a whole family of faces behind which different stories are hidden.

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Florian De Beaurepaire

Drenched in sports from a young age, Florian embarked on his snowboarding journey at the tender age of 7, diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of boardercross. This passion ignited a thrilling odyssey through various disciplines such as wakeboarding, downhill racing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and beyond.

For him, the pursuit of adrenaline is a lifelong quest, and he eagerly awaits every opportunity to push the boundaries of human experience. Achieving the prestigious title of French Freeride Champion in 2015 for snowboarding was just the beginning. He's now on the cusp of launching into the intense world of downhill racing, and he's proudly taken part in the esteemed Freeride World Qualifier events.

His journey is one defined by excellence, daring, and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of thrilling experiences.

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Coming from Lausanne, Maora is a passionate DJ, captivating crowds with her sunny musical universe, infused with Latin, Tribal, Afro, and Tech House beats.

Making waves in the music scene in 2022, she quickly caught the attention of the audience in the French-speaking part of Switzerland before shining her talent beyond borders, in France and Ibiza.

Maora's performances offer an immersive musical journey where she skillfully juggles various rhythms and melodies, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Maora excels in forging a deep connection with her audience, creating unforgettable memories through the power of music.

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