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"The main goal is to bring talents together and break disciplinary borders" - The founders

What we are

CCALAB is a new Swiss clothing brand that upholds the values and issues that surround us. Our goal is to create a community around fashion and know-how in general, while supporting young talents and promoting the use of sustainable materials.

We believe that communities should never be restricted to the confines of a single discipline. This is why we support individuals in disciplines as: art, design, sport and music, and muster them together to create a strong talented community.

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Supporting young talents

Artists, designers, athletes and musicians

Our efforts focus on providing support to talents by collaborating on their projects or kick-starting their careers, offering support. contacts, medias, financial support and advices.

We are attentive to providing help and support to all our collaborations and at all levels. For us, it is essential to listen, understand, and support each other in order to create a sustainable and healthy community.

We contribute to projects for young professionals to encourage entrepreneurship, the development of creative ideas, and personal growth.

Additionally, we share a significant portion of our revenue directly to the artists who contribute to the designs of our collections.

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The Talented community

The Talented Community brings together, in various events, diverse talents spanning art, design, sports, music, and entrepreneurship to encourage networking, exploration, exchange, and sharing.

The Talented Community by CCALAB promotes a culture of creative synergy, where networking, discovery, exchange, sharing, and sustainability converge to empower its members to reach new heights and collectively contribute to innovative projects in each discipline.

We believe that when talented individuals unite, they can achieve greatness that go beyond their individual disciplines, fostering a sustainable and interconnected world.

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Sustainable Clothing

At CCALAB, we pride ourselves on being a clothing brand that goes beyond just fashion - we are a platform that supports young talents through textiles, fostering creativity and sustainable practices.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical practices drives every aspect of our business, from production to the end-user experience.

We prioritize local manufacturing in Portugal to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy. This approach allows us to closely monitor the supply chain to ensure sustainability and ethics.

We craft high-quality, durable garments using premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Longevity is crucial for a circular product life-cycle, allowing for reselling, repair, upcycling, or recycling.

We envision a fashion industry that not only embraces style and creativity but also champions environmental responsibility and ethical practices.